Corbin Sabol

Candidate-elect for the San Diego Republican Party Central Committee (District 2).

Transfer power to the people!

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My name is Corbin Sabol and I was recently elected to the San Diego Republican Party Central Committee (district 2).


My vision for the future of the Republican Party is to transform it into a party that truly serves the people, not the special interests. I understand many people are disgusted with the status quo and current Republican Party, I share those frustrations with you but I truly believe we have a bright future ahead of us but we need all hands on deck.


Myself along with the other elected candidates will assume office in December of 2024.


Thank you.

Political office should be a service and a sacrifice

Corbin Sabol

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The Central Committee is currently based on ASSEMBLY DISTRICT but will switch to COUNTY SUPERVISOR DISTRICT starting in 2025.


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What is the central committee?

Why care?

The central committee is an elected body of people, similar to any elected office, who governs, manages and plots the course of victory for the San Diego County Republican Party.


The central committee is responsible for governing the party, writing the by-laws, endorsing candidates, unifying the party and organizing volunteers so we can win elections and transfer power back to the people.


The central committee is very important as these people are responsible for the successes and failures of the San Diego Republican party.


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What Corbin Stands For:

I believe in being brave and bold and not settling for "business as usual" which is causing the Republican Party to fail and our country to fall apart. We need to be unafraid to do what is necessary.

I will endorse strong candidates who will not roll over and vote with the Democrats. I will endorse candidates who will act as a firewall to the Democrat agenda and restore lost liberties and freedoms with a purpose.

We need to coordinate with grassroots and other organizations to inspire Republican voters so we can win elections. We are currently not doing this and apathy amongst Republican voters is growing. I will work to turn this around.

All Roads Lead To The Central Committee

Corbin Sabol

I Want To make a difference. How can I get involved?

Making a difference and getting involved starts with SHOWING UP. The central committee meets on a monthly basis, alternating between county-wide meetings in Mission Valley, and regional meetings currently broken up by Assembly District. If you are a concerned citizen, we need you to show up and express interest to volunteer and step up to the plate.


Winning elections and getting the right people into office requires both volunteers AND donations. Choose one or both options below.


From taking a leadership position as a precinct captain, to knocking on doors for a candidate, to sending mailers or making phone calls, elections are largely determined by who shows up to volunteer.


Winning elections requires money, it is what it is. If every registered Republican chipped in $5 per month, we can turn our county around. Don't think a $5 monthly donation doesn't mean much. When everyone chips in, thats how we win.