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Transfer power to the people!


My name is Corbin Sabol and just like you, I am a fed up.


Fed up with the corruption and injustices in California and throughout our country, I decided to do something so I ran for California State Assembly, 79th district in 2022 with one focus in mind, transferring power back to the people. Unfortunately, I did not win the election but the fight continues.


In an effort to unite the people and break us out of our political divides, I started a podcast, A Plea To Humanity where I navigate current events with the main focus of figuring out how to transfer power back to the people.


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My Campaign Platform At A Glance

Transfer Power To The People

Power is the ability to make the decision and people are empowered when they make the decisions, not distant Sacramento politicians. The decision-factor must be returned to the people at every possible opportunity.

Helping The Homeless Population

We must do more than put roofs over people's heads as that is equivalent to putting a bandage on a gushing wound and calling it a day. We must address the root cause of the problem and break the cycle of homelessness once and for all.

Make Rent And Homes Affordable

Reduce taxes and regulations so more homes can be built. The supply of homes will eventually meet the demand and cost of living will decrease.

California Democrat's Agenda

From controlling our speech to controlling what our healthcare professionals can or cannot say to wanting control our local law enforcement, controlling what goes in our bodies or even wanting to impose a tax for every single mile the people drive in San Diego, there is no end for the radical agenda of Democrats to control the people and strip power away from us.

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The battle ahead of us is not the traditional “right vs left” battle we are so used to. Rather, it is a battle for power and who has it. It is now time to transfer power back to the people.

Corbin Sabol

100% of Corbin’s donations came from individuals. (source: Voters Edge)

Corbin was 100% funded by the PEOPLE!

When I ran for office in 2022, 100% of my donations came from individual donors.


Why is this important to you?


The answer is simple. Too many politicians, including my opponent in the 2022 election, receive A LOT of money from organizations and special interest groups for their campaigns. They call these things “campaign contributions” but let’s call it for what it really is, bribery. So why do they take these bribes? 


The answer is obvious, and both sides are guilty of this. Candidates use their bribe money to boost their name recognition in order to win elections. And if people, organizations and corporations donate to a candidate, they expect favors in return when the candidate wins an election. That is wrong.


These are the types of politicians, both Republicans and Democrats who DO NOT answer to the people.


Furthermore, the only way for a politician to gain political power within either the Democrat or Republican party, is to raise A LOT of money and spread that money around.


Therefore, my pledge was to only take small dollar donations from the people, such as yourself, so my focus can always be on transferring power back the people, and not returning favors to a political party or lobbyist. And that was a promise I kept.