Corbin Sabol

For State Assembly, 79th District

Transfer power to the people!

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Politicians have taken too much power from the people. The result of their excessive authority has led to the problems we face today. It is time to change that and transfer power back to the people.


Our elected representatives are supposed to ensure our government is working in the best interests of the people, but what do we have instead? Wealthy elites and lobbyists have paid for our politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, who then turn a blind eye to the many injustices in our country, turn their backs on the people, and do not do their job. And now we have a government that rules over, threatens and coerces the people, both Republican voters and Democrat voters.


I know this is not the America we want.


Please send me to Sacramento so I can be your voice in our government to preserve your power and your rights and fight to transfer power back to the people.


I hope I can earn your vote. 

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State Assembly 79th District

San Diego recently redrew district lines and many maps you might find online are still outdated, including my opponent’s official government page as of October 22nd 2022, nearly ten months after the lines were redrawn and approved! Double check to see if you live in the 79th district below!

My Platform At A Glance

Transfering Power To The People

Power is the ability to make the decision and people are empowered when they make the decisions, not distant Sacramento politicians. The decision-factor must be returned to the people at every possible opportunity.

Helping The Homeless Population

We must do more than put roofs over people's heads. We must break the cycle of homelessness once and for all.

Make Rent And Homes Affordable

Reduce taxes and regulations so more homes can be built. The supply of homes will eventually meet the demand and cost of living will decrease.


And the Democrats are constantly attacking our rights…


From controlling our speech to wanting to control our local law enforcement and even wanting to control what goes in our bodies, there is no end for the radical agenda of Sacramento Democrats to strip power away from the people.

Vote to preserve your POWER!

“It is no longer about the left versus right contention we are so familiar with but instead, the battle for power and who possesses it. The time is now to transfer power back to the people.” -Corbin Sabol

Corbin and his opponent, side by side.

100% of Corbin’s donations come from individuals. (source: Voters Edge)

Corbin is 100% funded by the PEOPLE!

Why is this important to you?


Too many politicians, including my opponent, receive A LOT of money from organizations and special interest groups. Why? 


The answer is obvious, and both sides are guilty of this. If organizations and corporations donate to a candidate, they expect favors in return when the candidate wins an election. That is wrong.


Therefore, I pledge to only take donations from the people, such as yourself, so my focus can always be on transferring power back to you, the people.

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