Corbin Sabol

Candidate for the San Diego Republican Party Central Committee (District 2).

Transfer power to the people!

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My name is Corbin Sabol and I am running for the central committee of the San Diego Republican Party (district 2).


The central committee is responsible for running the republican party of San Diego County…and let’s face reality…we are losing.


As a result, we need to bring new life into the San Diego Republican party so we can start winning again.


Thank you

Political office should be a service and a sacrifice

Corbin Sabol

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NOTE: Only REGISTERED REPUBLICANS can vote for their central committee. If you desire to vote for your central committee candidates, check to make sure you are registered as a REPUBLICAN.

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What is the central committee?

Why care?

The central committee is an elected body of people who governs, manages and plots the course of victory for the San Diego County Republican Party.


Registered Republicans vote who is on the party’s central committee in the March, primary election.


The central committee is very important as these people are responsible for the successes and failures of the San Diego Republican party.


Fed up with the Republican Party? We all are, and the answer is the central committee. We the people need to get the right people elected to our central committee and hold them accountable.

What Corbin Stands For:

I believe in being brave and bold and not settling for "business as usual" which is causing the Republican Party to fail and our country to fall apart. We need to be unafraid to do what is necessary.

I will endorse strong candidates who will not roll over and vote with the Democrats. I will endorse candidates who will act as a firewall to the Democrat agenda and restore lost liberties and freedoms with a purpose.

We need to coordinate with grassroots and other organizations to inspire Republican voters so we can win elections. We are currently not doing this and apathy amongst Republican voters is growing. I will work to turn this around.

All Roads Lead To The Central Committee

Corbin Sabol

I am frustrated with the party. How can I get involved?

The best way to get involved is to SHOW UP. The central committee meets on a monthly basis. Show up, ask questions and remember, your central committee works for YOU, you do not work for them. Don't be afraid to ask uncomfortable questions and hold them accountable! They have a lot of power!

Corbin's endorsement guide

The following candidates are tired of the status quo and business as usual and will roll up their sleeves and get to work so we can win elections again. You will be able to vote for up to nine people in your district.

District 1

Erika Lowery

Martha Souza

Craig Candelore

District 2

Corbin Sabol

Judy Simeroth

Tracie Thill

Dan Bickford

Kristie Bruce-Lane

Ben Good

Phil Ortiz

Pearl Wong

District 3

Summer Boger

Michael Allman

Melanie Burkholder

Paul Hannosh

Zack Gianino

Judy Rees

Hayde Sperling

Frank Xu

District 4

Andee Aceves

Edy Johnson

Eli Komai

Laura Lothian

Amy Reichert

District 5

Beth Barnum

Susan Custer

Lee De Meo

Corey Gustafson

Rosie Higuera

Armen Kurdian

Richard Newton

Alana Sorensen

100% of Corbin’s donations came from individuals. (source: Voters Edge)

Corbin was 100% funded by the people!

When I ran for office in 2022, 100% of my donations came from individual donors.


Why is this important to you?


The answer is simple. Too many politicians receive A LOT of money from organizations and special interest groups for their campaigns. They call these things “campaign contributions” but let’s call it for what it really is, bribery. So why do they take these bribes? 


The answer is obvious, and both sides are guilty of this. Candidates use their bribe money to boost their name recognition in order to win elections. And if people, organizations and corporations donate to a candidate, they expect favors in return when the candidate wins an election. That is wrong.


These are the types of politicians, both Republicans and Democrats who DO NOT answer to the people.


Furthermore, the only way for a politician to gain political power within either the Democrat or Republican party, is to raise A LOT of money and spread that money around.


Therefore, my pledge was to only take small dollar donations from the people, such as yourself, so my focus can always be on transferring power back the people, and not returning favors to a political party or lobbyist. And that was a promise I kept.