Corbin Sabol

For State Assembly, 79th District

Fighting to transfer power from Sacramento and back to the people.

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Sacramento politicians and the State of California have too much power over the people, and that is a problem. The result of their excessive centralized authority has led to the problems we face today, which are numerous. It is time to change that and transfer power back to the people.


Sacramento, or the State of California, should support the people, cities and counties with the tools, resources and funding they need, not rule over the people and dictate how things should be.


Furthermore, empty promises given to the people by politicians on the campaign trail, only to be unfulfilled while in office is unacceptable. The dishonesty, lack of transparency and deep void of basic ethics in our government is not what the people need, nor deserve.  


Our elected representatives are supposed to ensure our government is working in the best interest of the people, but what do we have instead? Wealthy elites and lobbyists have paid for our politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, who then turn a blind eye to the many injustices in our country, turn their backs on the people, and do not do their job. And now we have a government that rules over, threatens and coerces the people, both Republican voters and Democrat voters.


The people are divided, we are fighting each other because we are focused on the 1% that makes us different while not realizing we have the other 99% in common. We need to stand our ground and take back what has been stolen from us.


Send me to Sacramento so I can be voice in our government to preserve your power and your rights and fight to deliver back what has been taken from the people.


I hope I can earn your vote. 

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State Assembly 79th District

San Diego recently redrew district lines and many maps you might find online are still outdated, including my opponent’s official government page as of May 10th 2022, over four months after the lines were redrawn and approved! Double check to see if you live in the 79th district below!

My Platform At A Glance

1. Empowering The People
The people, in conjunction with their local government, must make the majority of the decisions, not Sacramento, who should play a supporting role. Because power is the ability to make the decisions. And I want the people to have the power.
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2. Protecting Your Rights
Our rights such as our freedom of speech, privacy and many more rights give the people power. We created government to protect our rights, but they are not doing that and taking the people's power as a result. I want to remind government of its most basic duty and protect your rights which will empower you.
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3. Enabling You To Thrive
Sacramento must repeal excessive and unduly taxes and regulations which hinder the people's ability to thrive and be prosperous.
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4. Homeless Crisis
No one dreams or aspires to be homeless. We must do more than place homeless in a housing structure and call it a day. We must do everything we can to get homeless off the streets. Sacramento must assist local governments because local governments know the needs of their communities much better than distant Sacramento politicians, not make demands of them to solve this crisis.
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5. Housing Crisis
Home prices are sky-rocketing, which is not a good thing for many people. We must address this problem on all fronts by making it easier for the people to build new homes, look into investment firms outbidding the people and provide tax-credits to first time home buyers.
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6. Gas Prices
Gas prices need to come down today, not tomorrow. Unfortunately your typical Sacramento politician does not care about you and wants taxes raised. We must produce more gasoline, we must reduce taxes, fees and regulations which drive up the cost and we must ensure gasoline providers are not artificially inflating the price of gas for their profits
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7. Public Health Amid A Pandemic
We must start preparing now for the next pandemic, that means focusing more on having a healthy public. The COVID-19 pandemic would have been far less deadly than what it was, had our society understood the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. We must do everything we can to ensure everyone is able to incorporate a healthy lifestyle.
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8. Gun Violence And The Second Amendment
We must adopt a tough on crime mentality to empower the law-abiding citizens to assert their authority and their ability to defend themselves, and we must ensure people have access to gun safety programs so they may responsibly defend themselves from anyone who would attempt to infringe on their rights.
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9. Election Integrity
Trust in our election system is broken, that is a fact, and it must be repaired. We must end our universal mail in ballot program so nefarious political operatives may not ballot harvest. Sacramento must also find ways to ensure counties have up-to-date and accurate voter rolls. We must ensure that one citizen, gets one vote.
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10. Abortion
All life is precious and must be held in high regard, both inside and outside the womb. One of government's main duties is to protect our right to life, and it is scientifically proven that life begins in the womb. Abortion should only be allowed if the life of the mother is threatened. If society is going to demand that a pregnant woman must give birth against her will, society must then ensure the child is taken of.
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"It is no longer about the left versus right contention we are so familiar with but instead, the battle for power and who possesses it. The time is now to transfer power back to the people."
Corbin Sabol
Candidate, CA State Assembly 79th District


Vote to preserve your POWER!

Our rights give us power. Our freedom of speech, bodily autonomy, right to privacy and many more rights give us power. And when we vote for those who would infringe on our rights, we are voting our power away.


So don’t vote for those who would infringe on your power, and vote for me instead! As your Assembly member I will empower you by protecting your rights!

Akilah versus Corbin, side by side.

100% of Corbin’s donations come from individuals. (source: Voters Edge)

Corbin is 100% funded by the PEOPLE!

Why is this important to you?


Too many politicians, including my opponent, receive A LOT of money from organizations and special interest groups. Why? Do you think these organizations are giving their money to politicians because they have a hole in their pocket? Or are they giving money because they want something in return?


The answer is obvious. Therefore I pledge to not take one dollar from anything else other than an individual, such as yourself, so my focus can always be on the people both on the campaign trail and in Sacramento when I am your elected representative. 

Your donation will help me reach voters and win this election

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