Meet Corbin


We must recognize the dignity of the individual and the dignity of human beings.


We must restore integrity in our public discourse, in our government and in our lives.


We must rebuild community starting at the local level.



Corbin earned a master’s degree in Criminal Justice by the young age of 23. Being the Son of a Naval Officer, Corbin decided to follow in his Father’s footsteps and become a Naval Officer himself after graduating, and now currently works as a civilian contractor in support of the United States Navy. 


Due to his father’s military career, Corbin traveled the world growing up, and as a result, developed a powerful love of his country and a unique appreciation for the freedoms and quality of life that Americans enjoy. Taking nothing for granted and seeing the people’s freedoms and quality of life disintegrate by our corrupt government’s overreach, Corbin co-founded We the People Coalition, a non-partisan endeavor designed to unite the American people so the people can take our power back.


After fully understanding the damage done to our country by the wealthy elites and corrupt politicians, Corbin decided to run for political office.


Corbin’s goal in running for State Assembly 79th district is to transfer power back to the people, undo corruption, be and advocate for the people, not the corrupt system or a political party.

Why I ran for office in 2022

Everything starts with trust.


Anything, from a healthy family to a thriving company is based on trust.


Unfortunately, the American people are losing trust in their politicians, their government and the systems in place that keeps our amazing country intact.


Politicians, both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of betraying the trust of the American people who are beginning to realize that neither party really represents the people.


Our country is becoming more and more corrupt each and every day, and this corruption benefits the wealthy, the elites, the well-connected and career politicians who have turned their backs on the American people who end up suffering while them and their friends get richer and more powerful.


We need to rebuild trust, we need to undo corruption and we need to transfer power from the politicians and unelected bureaucrats, and back to the people.

The people of our amazing state and country deserve better than what many of our current politicians are offering.


The people of California deserve politicians who are honest, moral and ethical and will not fall to the temptations of corruption as so many of our elected politicians have, who have taken bribe money, conveniently called “campaign contributions” or “donations” to either introduce certain legislation, vote a certain way, or perhaps just simply to turn a blind eye to the many injustices plaguing our country.


It is time to turn California around once and for all. Therefore, I am asking you to send me to Sacramento so we can transfer power back to the people.  


This is going to be an uphill battle, but with your help we can do it.


Thank you. 

"It was the people who secured our rights in the past and it will be the people who will ensure our rights remain secured." -Corbin Sabol