Corbin's Opponent's Legislative Record

What has the incumbent, Akilah Weber been voting on for the past year while she has been in office?


Let’s find out.

Paving the road to a dystopian future

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Summary: Co-authored by Akilah herself, Assembly Bill 1993, or AB1993, will add section 12940.4 to the government code to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for employers and employees in the State of California.


March 29th 2022 update: AB-1993 is on hold with no hearing date currently scheduled and Akilah has requested her name to be removed from the bill for unknown reasons.


Why I oppose this bill: This is not only further encroachment by our government on the lives of the people of California, but a clear violation of our right to privacy which gives us power. This is a blatant violation of our California Constitution.


Article 1, section 1 that “All people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy.


Although section (d) (1) of this bill alludes to “privacy laws” being upheld in that a private employer cannot inquire about one’s vaccination status, what Akilah seems to not understand is that the people’s right to privacy applies to our government as well. Unfortunately, Dr. Akilah Weber has failed to protect our right to privacy by co-authoring this bill, and the passage of this bill will take power away from the people.


What I would have done instead: Regardless of our opinions on the COVID-19 vaccine, upon elected to office I will have a duty to uphold our Constitution, which includes protecting the people’s right to happiness and privacy.


Therefore, I would oppose this bill and similar bills which strip the people of their power, and instead I will empower the people by ensuring they are able to assert their power and individual sovereignty so the individual may make the personal choice if they want the COVID-19 vaccine or not.


If our government asserts their power over the people today by forcing them to take a medical injection, what might they do tomorrow?

Summary: Co-authored by Akilah, Assembly Bill 2098 would include the spreading of COVID-19 misinformation by healthcare professionals as unprofessional conduct which could lead to the loss of licensing.  


Why I oppose this bill: This bill would set a very dangerous precedent as to what powers the government has over our speech. Make no mistake, there are bad actors in our government who want you to think that freedom is selfish harmful to the public, and it appears as though the author of this bill, Assembly member Low, might be one of those bad actors. Although it is our healthcare provider’s job to give us the most accurate healthcare information, it is not the role of the government to restrict what our health care providers say.  


If the government can censor the speech of the people today under the guise of protecting the public, what speech might they censor tomorrow?  


What I would have done instead: This bill is how you create a people that is afraid of their government, and the exact opposite of how you create an empowered people.


This is how you create a government that rule over the people, not a people that rule over their government as it is supposed to be.


Therefore, I would have taken a different approach to ensure the most accurate information is being propagated by health care professionals by providing health care professionals with the best and most up to date knowledge available, as opposed to threatening them if they said something the government did not approve of.

Summary: Introduced by Akilah Weber, Assembly Bill 1632 would coerce private businesses to open their private restrooms to the public who have a qualifying medical condition or else pay a $100 fine.


Why I oppose this bill: This bill is coercion, intimidation and gross abuse of power from Akilah Weber. This is how you slowly create a government that rules, threatens and forces the people into submission overtime.

This bill is disgusting and I fully oppose it.


What I would have done instead: If this matter was truly a top priority of my constituents instead of soaring gas prices, homelessness crisis and high cost of living, I would not cruelly coerce private businesses with a fine to open their restroom facilities to the public, rather, I would encourage them to do so with a tax break.

Summary: Introduced by Akilah Weber, Assembly Bill 1797 would create a state-mandated program on local governments to require health care providers and other agencies to disclose specified immunization information.


Why I oppose this bill: First, this is a violation of the people’s power by infringing on our right to privacy. Our privacy gives us power and that right includes privacy from government.


Although Akilah Weber claims this bill would not violate the people’s privacy and will comply with HIPAA, I disagree. Why? Because HIPAA protect’s the people’s medical privacy unless consent is given by the individual to release or disclose medical information. The word “consent” does not appear in AB-1797, and furthermore, this bill clearly states it would “require health care providers and other agencies…to disclose the specified immunization information…that shall or may be disclosed…the bill would impose a state-mandated local program.”


Secondly, centralized power dictating how local governments should operate is the exact opposite of empowering the people and history shows that centralized authority rarely, if ever, gets anything right. The people have more power when governments closest to them (local governments) call the shots, not centralized governments far away such as Sacramento or Washington DC.


What I would have done instead: I would have nothing to do with this bill and I would vote against it if I had the chance. Furthermore, if I were in office and this bill passed I would be an advocate of the local governments within the 79th district to find ways to assert their power over Sacramento.

Summary: Introduced by Assembly member Kiley, Assembly Bill 1638 would have suspended the California gas tax for six months, saving the people $0.51 per gallon of gas purchased. California currently has a near 100 billion dollar surplus which would have been used to maintain our roads while the gas tax is suspended.


Unfortunately, Akilah Weber voted against suspending this tax burden on the people.


My opposition: I wholeheartedly oppose Assembly member Weber’s vote to oppose the suspension of the gas tax.  In other words, Akilah Weber voted to keep your tax burden intact. 


Her response was that she did not have enough time to read the bill, yet I personally remember reading this bill approximately two weeks before they voted on it, and it took me less than five minutes to read.


But if you read her response carefully, you can see she is more interested in government giving people money, as opposed to the people keeping their own money.  


What I would have done instead: I would have voted in favor of this bill to decrease the people’s tax burden. Some taxes are necessary, yes, but the people in this State are extremely over-taxed.

Summary: Co-authored by Akilah Weber, SB-866 would strip parental rights from their children by allowing children, 12 years and older to receive a COVID-19 vaccination without their parent’s knowledge or consent.


Why I oppose this bill: Some argue this bill is wrong because children 12 to 17 years old are not mentally mature enough yet, to make a well-informed decision such as injecting themselves with the vaccine. Although a valid point, this is not the main reason why I oppose. The main reason why I oppose is because this is yet another attempt to strip power from the people and parental authority over their children. Children, until they reach the age of legal adulthood or legally emancipate, are under the jurisdiction of their parents.


What I would have done instead: I would vote against this bill if I had the chance and introduce legislation where I can which reaffirms and strengthens the power that parents and households have, which does not belong to the government.

Summary: Akilah Weber voted in favor of SB-960 which would eliminate the requirement for one to be a citizen of the United States, in order to become a police officer in the State of California. Rather, when this bill is passed, one must simply be legally authorized to work in the United States, in order to become a police officer.


Why I oppose this bill: It isn’t that radical to say that one must be a citizen of a country in order to enforce the laws on other citizens. This bill, would quite literally, allow citizens of another country to enforce the laws on YOU. Does that sound right? Absolutely not.


What I would have done instead: I would have voted against this bill.

Akilah's Donor's - Who does she answer to?

Akilah Weber’s campaign took A LOT of money from special interest groups.

Nearly ONE MILLION dollars given to Akilah from special interests.

In 2021, the seat for California State Assembly 79th district was vacated when the incumbent at that time, Shirley Weber (Akilah’s Mother), took the position of California Secretary of State.


Campaigning for this seat was Akilah Weber who raked in nearly one million dollars from special interest groups such as the California Medical Association, and as you can see with the following information, raked in nearly yet ANOTHER million dollars…90% from special interests and organizations!


I know this is wrong. You know this is wrong regardless of our political party preference, and I know the American people are fed up with politicians taking large donations from special interest groups, because we know that politicians who take money like this, truly do not answer to the people.


Why would they with this kind of cash flow?

Akilah Weber is the current Assembly Member of the 79th District.

Akilah Weber has raised A LOT of money for the 2022 election…but from who? (source: VotersEdge)

Organizations and special interest groups are funneling BIG MONEY to Akilah Weber (source: VotersEdge)

Meanwhile...100% of Corbin's donations come from individuals

Why does this matter to you?

My commitment to the people is to not take one dollar from any corporation, any PAC or any special interest group both on the campaign trail, and when you send me to Sacramento to represent your interests.


This will help me keep my focus on the people and not on the special interest groups who continuously buy our politicians.


My focus is protect the rights of the people of California and represent the interests of the people of the 79th district in California. I refuse to allow my focus to be skewed by special interests.

Corbin Sabol is running for State Assembly, 79th District

100% of Corbin’s donations come from individuals. (source: Voters Edge)