Democrats have been in control of California for nearly three decades and rent is only getting more and more expensive, forcing many seek alternative options, or worst case scenario, homeless.


Despite being in power for so long and constantly blaming the problem on greedy landlords and pushing out calls for rent control, the Democrats have done nothing to solve to problem except point a finger at the problem and ask you for money for their campaigns.


The ground truth is this, the reason why rent is out of control and homes are so expensive, is because the demand of homes greatly exceeds the supply of homes.


So shouldn’t we just build more homes? Yes, but it is very difficult to do so. Excessive and unduly taxes and regulations imposed by the Democratic Party restrict our ability to build new homes.


An article written four years ago explains how growing costs prevent new housing in California. That was four years ago, how much worse is it today?


Excessive and unnecessary taxes, regulations and red tape restrict the people’s ability to live their best lives, grow, thrive and be prosperous as we all deserve to be.


As your Assembly member I will help repeal the restrictions our government puts on our ability to live our best lives as the free and thriving people we were meant to be.  


The supply of homes must start to meet the demand of homes or else nothing will be solved.

"You don't pay taxes, they TAKE taxes." -Chris Rock