Democrats Are Why There Are So Many Homeless On The Streets

Let’s start with two basic and simple facts.


The Democratic Party has been in control of California for nearly three decades and the homeless population is RISING in California.


From shutting down businesses during the height of the COVID pandemic to letting people with mental illnesses roam the streets with no support, Democratic policies are a direct contributor in California’s rising homelessness population.


Democrats in California will tell you we just need to build more housing structures and we need to utilize existing structures to house the homeless, but that is similar to putting a bandaid on a gushing wound and calling it a day.


People find themselves to be homeless for MANY reasons that have nothing to do with a lack of housing. Reasons such as addiction, fleeing domestic violence and losing one’s job are all factors that contribute to our homelessness crisis. 


However, the ROOT of the problem is that people who find themselves to be homeless do not feel SAFE and the problem is way deeper than just not having a roof over one’s head.


For every single person that is homeless, we must first start by giving them the opportunity to feel safe and secure. From there we can help each person according to their own needs.


For those who are homeless due to addiction, we must fund more rehabilitation programs to help addicts get clean, off the streets and their lives back. We must also do everything we can to reduce the flow of drugs coming into our country.


For those who are homeless due to mental illness, we must consult with mental health experts who understand best how to address the mental health needs of a large portion of the homeless population.


For those who are homeless due to fleeing domestic violence, we must do everything we can to ensure the victims are safe and their abuser is brought to justice.


For those who are homeless due to PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) from serving in the military, we must provide more housing and mental health services and job training programs. These people served our country and now they need us to serve them.


The homelessness crisis will not be solved overnight, and there is no one solution to solving the homelessness crisis, just like there is no one cause. But if we approach the homeless population with compassion and listen to their needs, we can work towards building a better future together.

"When life gets hard, try to remember: the life you complain about is only a dream to some people." – Anonymous