The People Have No Power

Power rests with the people

For too long politicians have ruled over the people, catering to the special interests while turning their back on the American people. As your Assembly member I will not answer to the special interests and empower the people by returning the decision-factor back to the people.
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Rent Is Too Much To Afford

It costs too much just to live here...

Excessive taxes and regulations hinder the people's ability to build new homes which adds to the housing crisis we are all experiencing. As your Assembly member I will fight to reduce unduly taxes and regulations so the people can build more homes.
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We Don't Have Enough Energy

We have the resources...

Bad policies, hyper-focused on renewable energy created the energy crisis we are currently experiencing. We must utilize the resources we have available to us as we transition to more renewable energy, instead of leaving them behind.
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The Homeless Are Neglected

Betrayed by their own government

The state of California has turned its back on the homeless population, allowing it to get out of control. As your Assembly member I will be an advocate to getting the homeless population the proper care they need to get back on their feet so we may address the root of the problem and break the cycle of homelessness.
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COVID Destroyed Us...When It Did Not Have To...

We need to promote personal health.

The COVID-19 pandemic did not need to have the disastrous effects it did. Locking down the economy, shutting down schools and destroying small businesses had disastrous effects.
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Crime Rate Is Skyrocketing

Crime is rising for a reason

Between releasing violent inmates early, to reducing the penalty for robbery, to backing the "defund the police" narrative, our government is directly responsible for the rise in crime in California and they are not doing anything about it.
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Our Schools Are Failing

We need Universal School Access

Politicians want children locked into school districts, however, all families, regardless of income levels, should be equipped with the funding and be allowed to choose the best educational institution for their children.
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