The Democratic-led lockdowns did little to nothing to slow the spread of the COVID-19 during the pandemic. It was hypocritical for Democrats to shut down our beaches and parks and force small businesses to lockdown while allowing for the “big box” stores to remain open.


It is borderline unforgivable for the Democrats to have driven so many Americans to despair, while retaining their paycheck, ask for re-election, and lie to the American people that it was COVID-19, not them, that closed down businesses.


The mishandling and lack of basic compassion from the Democrats during the pandemic was unacceptable.


We have been focusing too much on pursuing public health, and not giving enough focus to having a healthy public.


We must promote the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and healthy immune system in our culture.


Education is key in fighting co-morbidities which accounted for a large portion of deaths in conjunction with COVID-19. We must use funds for more public service announcements promoting healthy eating and active lifestyles since our society has shifted from a labor intensive work force to a more sedentary work force.


Going forward, the best preparation for the inevitable pandemics to come is understanding the importance of being healthy and physically fit.  According to the CDC, About 78% of people who have been hospitalized, needed a ventilator or died from Covid-19 have been overweight or obese”. 


If for some reason one is unable to incorporate a healthy diet due to financial hardship or lack of access, government can assist and look for pathways to ensure all people have access to healthy food, gym memberships, and public parks.


One of the main problems for our unhealthy culture is that unhealthy foods are easy to access and inexpensive, and the healthy foods are expensive and harder to access. This is a problem.


Therefore, as your Assembly member I would seek to incentivize privately-owned companies and local farms, with tax-credits, to offer ethically produced, clean, healthy and nutritious food to their communities, and I would also look at current regulations that make it cost prohibitive for companies to provide such products.


I would also expand the WIC program to serve more families and increase the farmers market vouchers to help struggling families obtain more healthy food choices directly from small sustainable farms, as opposed to unhealthy foods which keep us sick and prevent us from thriving and being prosperous.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patients in care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” -Thomas Edison