Government schools (more commonly known as public schools) in the State of California have failed for too long. For example, California has the lowest literacy rate than any other state in our country.


The corrupt power structure or the Democratic Party here in the State of California will claim the problem is due to a lack of funding, or underinvestments in public schools. But according to California Policy Center, California K-12 spending EXCEEDS $20,000 PER PUPIL PER YEAR.


The reason why our government schools are failing isn’t because of a lack of funding, it is obvious they have more than enough. The reason our schools are failing our children is because of a lack of competition. 


The corrupt power structure in California forces families to be locked into a school district, and if a school district knows their source of funding (aka the children) cannot go anywhere else, do you really think they will be motivated to deliver the best possible product? No, and I for one could not think of a more cruel thing for our government to do to the people.


To break this vicious cycle and do what is right by the people of California, we must bring Universal School Access, or more commonly known as School Choice, to California.


Universal School Access, or School Choice, will allow families to take existing tax dollars that are already allocated, to be put into an Educational Savings Account, or ESA, and use that money to send their child or children to the best educational institution of their choice.


Despite many Democrats sending their own children to private schools, such as our very own Governor Gavin Newsom, the Democratic party that dominates the State of California opposes Universal School Access. They claim their opposition is based on not wanting the disadvantaged to be left behind, but that is exactly what is happening, the disadvantaged and lower-income families ARE being left behind because they cannot pursue alternative educational institutions.


If you are fed up with your child’s or children’s current school and cannot find a way out, the answer is to fire our corrupt politicians and the Democratic party and get Universal School Access, or School Choice to California.


As your Assembly member I will be a fierce advocate for freeing families from failing schools and empowering them so they may make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

"Fund students, not systems." -Corey A. DeAngelis