The Democratic Party has had control of California for nearly three decades and have taken too much power away from the people all under the guise of helping the people.


What is power, if not the ability to make the decision? Who is in power if not those making the decision?


Here in California, the Democrats have been in control for nearly three decades and have taken so many decisions away from the people.


They do not want you to decide what medical injections you can and cannot have by trying to mandate the experimental COVID-19 vaccine.


They do not want you to be able to decide what school your child goes to by opposing Universal School Access, or School Choice.


They do not want health care professionals to be able to speak freely.


They want you over-taxed and over-regulated, which is blatantly obvious because every single Democrat voted to NOT suspend the gas tax which would have immediately dropped gas prices down $0.51 per gallon of gas.


If you want the people to be in power once again, the people must be in the driver seat and make the decisions. Unfortunately, the Democrats in office choose to take the people’s power by infringing on our rights, such as infringing on our right to pursue happiness by shutting down small businesses, or infringing on our right to privacy by wanting to have the power of what medical injections go inside your own body against one’s will.


As your Assembly Member I will empower you by not only protecting your medical privacy, your bodily autonomy and your rights such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but by actively looking for ways to help you pursue those rights so we the people may thrive, be prosperous and free as we deserve to be.  


I will work to drive the DECISION-FACTOR, back to the people where it belongs.

"Any law which violates the inalienable rights of man is essentially unjust and tyrannical; it is not a law at all." -Maximilien Robespierre